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Claire & Helen

Claire and Helen have been foster carers for just over 10 years. The couple previously fostered for a Local Authority and made the decision to come to Fitzgerald Fostering 2 years ago. During their time as foster carers they have cared for a wide range of children including: babies, toddlers, school aged children and teenagers. The children placed with them have been part of a sibling group; have had additional learning needs; have been children who will move on to adoption; and so much more. They are currently caring for a sibling group on a long-term basis.

Claire and Helen say

We had always fostered for a Local Authority and had seen many changes over the years. Moving to Fitzgerald was a bit scary but on hearing the story of how the agency got started and having them recommended, we knew they were for us. Since being approved we have never looked back – we love working with Fitzgerald. They are a small agency and it feels like being a part of a family. The carers support each other, and we feel held by Fitzgerald too.

They care about the children and they also care about us

We can phone them any time, night or day and someone will answer that we know. The nice thing is they know who they are talking to and they know the children we are caring for – it’s important.

They know every carer and all of the children they have within the agency.

AuthorFitzgerald Fostering

DateFebruary 28, 2019


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