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Anne & Mark

Anna and Mark met when they were 17 and have been married for 34 years. The couple do not have any birth children of their own, but they were actively involved in the upbringing of their nieces and nephews and God-children before they decided to foster.

Anna and Mark were foster carers, briefly, with another Independent Fostering Agency, before they came to Fitzgerald Fostering. They made the decision to move as they wanted to ensure that they would have the support and training that would help them to care for a looked after child. They felt this was very important for them as they do not have any birth children, but, had a range of experience with children and young people through their work and family. They have been Foster carers with Fitzgerald Fostering for approximately 5 years. They have a young person living with them who has been with them since 2014. She has a lovely relationship with Anna and Mark and their extended family, she is very much part of the family.

Anna & Mark say:

“The last 5 years have flown by, we knew we were part of an outstanding team right from the start, the passion they all show for the young children that have been, or are, placed with the agency is plain to see. From one to one support/advice for the carers to training that is run during the day, at weekends or in the evening so partners that work during the day can attend. Fun days by the sea. BBQ, Christmas meals, meals for the carers, coffee mornings, they go above & beyond with all they do. Catching up with other carers once a month means you can draw on other people’s experience”

“We came into fostering to help, support a child/young person, it’s been a great privilege to watch our young person grow from the age of 12 to present day, she is unrecognisable. As well as the support we have given her, we value the things she has taught us & she is wonderful young lady”

AuthorFitzgerald Fostering

DateFebruary 21, 2019


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