Fostering Agencies in Guildford

Are you looking for an independent, caring and trustworthy fostering agency in Guildford?

It’s been well documented that there’s a big gap in foster care providers in the Guildford area for several years now, so maybe you can help.

Here at Fitzgerald Fostering & Consultancy Ltd we’re a 40 minute drive from Guildford, and have the team in place to be able to support you throughout your journey towards becoming a foster carer.

About Fitzgerald Fostering

At Fitzgerald Fostering and Consultancy LTD, we are a dedicated independent fostering agency that assists individuals in becoming foster carers by providing the necessary support and training. We also specialise in placing children with foster carers and offering consultancy and support services to other foster carers, care providers, and more.

Located not far from Guildford, over in Berkshire, we are committed to ensuring that children have every chance to reach their full potential. Our carers receive comprehensive support, supervision and training which enables them to effectively handle the challenges of being a foster carer.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Managing Director James Townend and Registered Manager Lesley Fitzgerald are excited to aid others in starting or advancing their journey as foster carers in Guilford.

Child Fostering Services We Provide in Guildford

We aim to develop and provide a wide range of foster placements for children in Guildford and the surrounding areas, aged from 0 to 18 years.

This includes short term, bridging, emergency, respite, long term foster placements and parent and child placements.

We also provide the following as part of our fostering services:

– Initial screening of potential carers
– Comprehensive home study assessments of potential carers undertaken by qualified, experienced staff
– Completion of required checks and references
– Thorough pre-approval training for carers
– Post approval – completion of the training, support and development standards for foster carers
– Ongoing, post approval training to enable carers to understand the holistic needs of the children they care for
– Provision of experienced foster panels
– Named qualified supervising social worker
– Attendance, support and contributions to meetings and events relating to children placed
– Annual reviews for all approved carers
– 24 hour advice line support
– Carer support groups
– Clear payment system for foster carers
– Considered matching of placements
– Clear policies and procedures relating to practice and care issues
– Membership of Fostering Network.

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