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Supporting Teenagers During Exam Season

Fostering teenagers during exam season can be challenging. The foster carer’s role extends beyond providing a safe and nurturing environment to helping their teenager to navigate these significant academic milestones and reach their full potential.

Creating a supportive home environment and assisting with study habits are key, along with recognising when their teenager is stressed and needs additional emotional support. Some teenagers will appreciate support with study techniques and revision, whilst others may want advice on creating a revision timetable or simply a quiet place to work.

Foster carers can provide better guidance and support if they have a good understanding of the education system and exam process. Building strong communication with the school or college is also essential at such an important time. By working in partnership with the school or college, the foster carer will have a greater understanding of the support required and they can also ensure that any special requirements for exams are in place.

Baljit Kaur, Fitzgerald Fostering’s Therapist & Social Worker says, “Exam season can be a stressful time for all teenagers but can be particularly difficult for those in care whose education may have been impacted by the additional challenges they have had to face.

“A good study routine which incorporates time out is essential to good exam outcomes.  Children need their foster carers attuned to their emotional needs, and remember to keep talking to each other. You can only truly support a child if you know what they are feeling and need.

“It is also worth remembering that while exams are important, children need to take breaks and rest. Looking after themselves emotionally will only help them achieve better results.”

At Fitzgerald Fostering we have strong aspirations for all the children in our care. We work closely with our foster carers to ensure they can provide the additional layer of support required during exam season.
Fitzgerald Fostering provides 24/7 support and exceptional training to our foster carers to ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved.

At Fitzgerald Fostering, we are with you every step of the way.

To find out more about fostering with Fitzgerald Fostering, please call us on 01753 550031

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DateApril 28, 2024


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