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More foster carers needed

As this year’s Foster Care Fortnight continues, The Fostering Network has published figures indicating that more children are at risk of ending up in unsuitable homes unless thousands more foster carers are recruited.

The charity has identified a shortage of 6,500 fostering households across the UK for a record 100,437 children currently in care. With more foster carers leaving than joining, during Foster Care Fortnight the Network is calling for urgent action to recruit more foster carers and for greater support for existing carers.

James Townend, Managing Director of Fitzgerald Fostering, said: “The Government has acknowledged the crisis facing the foster care sector and is increasing funding for councils in the South East to boost the recruitment of foster carers.”

“But the retention of foster carers is also critical and, as The Fostering Network has highlighted, too often foster carers report a lack of support and feeling undervalued as key reasons for deciding to stop fostering.”

“At Fitzgerald Fostering, we believe that taking care of our carers enables them to achieve the best possible outcomes for the young people they look after. By providing our foster carers with extensive training and support throughout their fostering journey, we can help them to ensure that the children they care for have every opportunity to thrive.”

If you live in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire or the surrounding area and would like to find out more about becoming a foster carer, please contact us. 

We are also running some online events where you can learn more about fostering and have your questions answered.  Please register here to sign up.


AuthorFitzgerald Fostering

DateMay 24, 2024


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