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Honouring Foster Carers

Can you imagine what it must be like to have fostered 100 children?
That’s exactly what one foster carer has done, going on to be rewarded with an MBE for helping to transform the lives of young people.

This generous foster carer and her partner not only fostered over 100 children but they had five of their own children, plus two adopted daughters. Their story is one of many across the UK whereby seemingly normal people have gone on to provide an incredible service to many vulnerable children.

Looking ahead to National Foster Care Fortnight from May 9 – 22, here at Fitzgerald Fostering in Berkshire we’re raising the profile of the many brilliant people who have gone on to become foster carers. Whilst not everyone can be expected to foster 100 children, we think if you can make just one child’s life better then you will find it a profoundly rewarding experience.

To add to this one foster carer’s incredible story, MBE’s were recently awarded to a group of 15 foster carers who have fostered more than 1000 children between them – a staggering number of young lives they’ll have helped in a huge way!

Some of our own foster carers here at Fitzgerald Fostering have had the following to say about fostering and the impact it’s had on their own lives:

Anna & Mark
“We came into fostering to help, support a child/young person, it’s been a great privilege to watch our young person grow from the age of 12 to present day, she is unrecognisable. As well as the support we have given her, we value the things she has taught us & she is wonderful young lady”

Claire & Helen
“We had always fostered for a Local Authority and had seen many changes over the years. Moving to Fitzgerald was a bit scary but on hearing the story of how the agency got started and having them recommended, we knew they were for us. Since being approved we have never looked back – we love working with Fitzgerald. They are a small agency and it feels like being a part of a family. The carers support each other, and we feel held by Fitzgerald too.”

Stacey & Pete
“We absolutely love fostering. Stacey says I wish I had given up working, I would have loved to foster earlier. Both of us feel valued and supported in every way and are part of a team that really care. We feel we made the right decision after thinking twice about it. We are not at all surprised we got outstanding in our Ofsted as we really think we foster with the best outstanding agency.”

If you would like to discuss becoming a foster carer with us, please visit our contact us page or call 01753 550031.

AuthorFitzgerald Fostering

DateMay 17, 2023


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