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Foster carers should always feel valued

The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT), the UK’s largest dedicated fostering charity, has urged whichever party wins the General Election on 4 July to “launch a comprehensive and long-term foster carer recruitment campaign”.

In response to this, campaigners have highlighted that investment in foster care recruitment drives is “futile” without addressing deeper issues around retention in the role. At Fitzgerald Fostering, we couldn’t agree more.

Far too many foster carers nationwide are leaving or considering giving up foster caring, largely due to the lack of support they receive. Foster carers do an incredible job in transforming the lives of young people. If they don’t feel supported every step of the way by their current provider, we urge them not to give up but consider switching to a new provider where they will feel more valued.

Foster carers should be offered:

• 24/7 support

• access to a team who always knows and understands their individual situation

• tailored training to suit their specific requirements

• higher than average pay

Any foster carer who is not happy with their current provider should consider alternative providers in their area. In many cases, foster carers can bring their foster child/children with them when they transfer.

James Townend, Managing Director and Social Worker, Fitzgerald Fostering said, ‘Whilst it is true that foster carers can only be approved by one fostering service at a time, many foster carers do not realise that if they are unhappy with the support they receive from either their local authority or independent fostering agency, they are able to transfer their fostering approval to another fostering service. At Fitzgerald Fostering we are always happy to hear from anyone that is considering transferring away from their existing fostering service. We can explain how the process works and provide high levels of support throughout the transition and beyond.”

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AuthorFitzgerald Fostering

DateJune 26, 2024


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