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Fitzgerald Fostering Bucks the Trend With High Foster Carer Satisfaction Levels

Research released by Foster Wiki this week has revealed that three quarters of foster carers say feeling undervalued in their role is forcing them to consider resignation, with many citing the lack of support they receive from foster services as a contributing factor to this.

These findings, based on responses from 2,500 foster carers, couldn’t be further from the experience of foster carers at Fitzgerald Fostering, with 100% of our foster carers valuing our support.

In a survey we conducted amongst our foster carers, 50% described their relationship with us as ‘a trusted friend’, 36% as ‘an important team member’, 7% as a ‘close family member’ and 7% as a ‘valued supplier’. They highly rated the ongoing support we provide, our 24-hour availability and the fact that we create opportunities for foster carers to share experiences and learn from each other.

Worryingly, according to the Foster Wiki study, nearly half of respondents claimed that their providers “do not, or only sometimes,” comply with the law and national minimum standards. At Fitzgerald Fostering, we go above and beyond in terms of the standards we provide – for example, delivering advanced and tailored training for all our foster carers in addition to the basic statutory training.

Jacinda, a foster carer with us for 2 years said, “We started off fostering through a local authority and were then with a big foster care agency for a number of years but wanted to find an agency that was more local and offered better support than we were getting. Fitzgerald Fostering has always made us feel valued and supported. We have felt quite isolated before with other agencies but you never feel like that with Fitzgerald. Whoever you talk to is so realistic and understanding. They’re always there to support you and that makes such a difference.”

One aspect highlighted in the Foster Wiki study was that the majority of children in foster care had more than one social worker over the last year or experienced periods without any social worker. All children in foster care, whether being fostered through an independent fostering agency or a local authority, are required to have local authority social workers. Fitzgerald Fostering is able to counter any potential instability caused by changes in the child’s social worker through the consistency and stability of our service. All our foster carers have their own social worker that knows them and the children they care for. There are rarely any changes in these social workers and the whole team at Fitzgerald Fostering, from mangers to social workers, knows all the foster carers and the children they are caring for.

James Townend, Managing Director and Social Worker, Fitzgerald Fostering said, “The Foster Wiki study paints a bleak picture of the foster care crisis across the UK. Foster carers do an incredible job and it is so important that they are valued and supported every step of the way.

“At Fitzgerald Fostering, our ethos is all about supporting our foster carers 24/7 so that they can provide the best possible outcomes for the children they look after. Fostering can be hugely rewarding but is not without challenges. That’s why prioritising the support and training we give to carers is so key. We also pay one of the highest allowances to foster carers in the area – it’s just one of the ways that we show our foster carers how valued they are.”

If you live in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire or the surrounding areas and would like to find out more about fostering through Fitzgerald Fostering, please contact us on 01753 550031 or sign up here to attend one of our online information events.

AuthorFitzgerald Fostering

DateJune 7, 2024


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